For all media enquires please contact Richard Moyes:          +44 (0)7875 509 120

Bombing, shelling and urban warfare

For enquiries, comment and briefing on:

  • Harm to civilians from bombing and shelling in towns and cities, airstrikes and urban warfare
  • The political declaration to protect civilians from explosive weapons
  • Images and audio/visual resources on explosive weapons

Contact: Laura Boillot, Programme Manager and Coordinator of the International Network on Explosive Weapons         +44 (0)7515 575 175


Autonomy and AI in weapons

For enquiries, comment and briefing on:

  • ‘Autonomy’ and ‘artificial intelligence’ in weapons systems
  • The current diplomatic discussions on ‘Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems’ at the UN in Geneva

Contact: Richard Moyes, Managing Director      +44 (0)7875 509 120


Featured image: Tarik Al Bab primary school in Aleppo, Syria, closed and damaged by fighting. � Jerome Sessini/Magnum Photos